1. Activity in the field of education about renewable energy sources with a strong emphasis on technologies of solar enrgy including:conducting seminars, trainings, workshops, providing support with organizational, legal and economic aspets of photovoltaics
  2. Prognosis of the possible directions of development of renewable energy, especially photovoltaics and the energy production from renewable sources with focus on the state’s execution of eco and energy policy and the occurrence to public administration authorities with proposals in that matter
  3. Giving opinions on the development of photovoltaics in Poland, projects of legal acts and solutions for functioning of renewable energey. Introducing and co creating projects of legal acts with a big focus on photovoltaics.
  4. Promoting and supporting the development of solar energy in Poland and educating society on the ecological impact of renewable energy and the benefits it brings to the environment because of decreasing the amount of mined sources.
  5. Inspiring the creation of new legal acts and presenting the opinions on the existing laws and policies on renewable energy.
  6. Activity in the field of protecting the environment against the negative impact of producing, transporting and distibution of the fuel based energy.
  7. Cooperation with the public administration, legistlature, executive authorities, economic and social-labour organizations and scientific units in creating and implementing the system of supporting the usability of solar energy especially photovoltaics.
  8. Promoting the achievments of members of association in the field of renewable energy.


Tomasz Sęk - Chairman of the Board
Przemysław Pięta - Vice-Chairman of the Board
Paweł Czaus – Vice-Chairman of the Board
Anna Biniszewska - Board Member
Klaudiusz Kalisz - Board Member
Paweł Konieczny - Board Member